Jose-Facing-FrontJose Fraire

Director of Food and Beverage

Since the first day he started at our hotel, we have always been able to count on Jose Fraire to do one thing: take the initiative to do something that is above and beyond his duties.  Jose joined the team at Bistro 39 as a line cook and was eventually promoted to Kitchen Manager.  He has been an essential part of our success over the last seven years.

With his recent promotion to Director of Food and Beverage, our entire staff can breathe easy knowing that Jose is now at the helm.  His sensational abilities in the kitchen, as well as his positive attitude and generous spirit, make dining at Bistro 39 a feast of the five senses. He is a walking example of hard work, integrity and good-natured initiative.  In 2013, Jose was awarded Manager of the Year for his dedication to his team. We value Jose so much, that if we could clone him, we would!

jorgeJorge Ortuno

Assistant Director of Food and Beverage

Jorge is our Assistant Director of Food and Beverage who always keeps team members and guests at the Deli in good spirits with his incredible attitude.

As the former Operations Manager for California Center for the Arts, Jorge comes from an experienced background in banquets and catering. He has also contributed as Banquet Manager for Harrah’s Resort and Spa, among many other ventures that make him a perfect leader for our team. No matter what day, he always brings his high energy to the table!